Banana Blackberry Breakfast Bowl

This weekend, was the launch of Lily Skillet, at the Crossroads Organic farm on Long Island. Armed with my grandmother’s vintage cast iron skillet as a display and 100 bags of healthy handmade Apricot Sesame Fennel granola, we took the farmers’ market by storm and were a great success! The one question that everyone asked was “what do I do with the granola”? Therefore, I’m starting off today with one of my favorite ways to use Lily Skillet granola, Blackberry Banana Breakfast Bowl.

I love starting my day with this breakfast bowl and actually started making it when I was pregnant with my son to satisfy my cravings for protein and healthy fat. I use unsweetened non-fat Greek yogurt but you can substitute with coconut, nut-milk or another non-dairy yogurt if you prefer.  Bananas are a great way to naturally sweeten this dish and also add fiber and potassium to your diet. Almond butter and chia seeds add healthy fat and omega 3 acids. I’m currently obsessed with bee pollen.  Noted for its amazing health benefits, bee pollen contains 22 amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes, B vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, not to mention its effects on relieving allergies relating to spores and pollen. What a superfood!

Last but certainly not least, I sprinkle some Apricot Sesame Fennel Granola from, grab my americano and start my day.

Banana Blackberry Breakfast Bowl

1 cup of plain non-fat yogurt

1 banana

1 heaping teaspoon of almond butter

Dash of cinnamon

½ tsp of chia seeds

½ tsp of bee pollen


Mix together the yogurt, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, chia and bee pollen in a blender.

Top with ¼ cup of blackberries and Apricot Sesame Fennel Granola and enjoy!


Serves 1

Prep time: 10 minutes